Nasib Anak Sekolah



denger suaranya sih asyikk,,tapi,,

liat kejadian nyatanya,,,

subhanallahh,, sangat cape dgn berbagai tugas dan kegiatan yg mau ga mau harus dikerjakan.

tapi,, dibalik itu semua,, di bawa happy ajahh, 🙂

puisi cinta


Pragmatic Poetry

Smile to me and don’t leave me
Cause you’re my heart please dont leave me alone
You gave me your love with all your heart
I never have this kind a girl like you before

It’s not cliche it’s real
I just need you to believe
I will never treat you bad
Cause you’re the one that I love

As the time goes on
That doesnt really matter it couldnt change our heart
And no ane will ever be
Cos your love always on my heart it kept me warm

No one seems to care
But we dont really care